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Cyber commanders Handbook 简介

 Cyber commanders Handbook 简介
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As stated in The Art of War, one of the oldest and most successful
books on military strategy, written by Sun Tzu in the 6th century
BC, the key to success in any type of battle is having information
about your adversary. For centuries the world’s militaries have used
scouts for reconnaissance to gather information about the enemy and
intelligence about their operations. Today, this strikes at the very
core of modern day military strategy and the rapidly evolving era of
digital conflict. Understanding your adversary through cyber
intelligence has become a critical capability for military planners.
Gathering information about an enemy – their systems, processes,
and background – is as valuable as knowing what kind of weapons
they possess. This concept, called “Know Your Enemy,” has
become a well established military and computer hacker philosophy.
Very few organizations today really know who their enemies are,
how they might attack, when they might attack, and, perhaps most
importantly, the attack modality that might be used. By coupling
together “Know Your Enemy” with Scenario-Based Intelligence
Analysis (SBIA) and Trans-disciplinary Intelligence Engineering
(TIE) techniques, the result provides the ability to derive substantial
intelligence about potential attacks, role-play responses, and
defensive measures, creating a wealth of knowledge.

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